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The Codec Conundrum. UPDATE!

The computer world as we know it is going through some massive changes, the most notable one is this massive shift from traditional localized computing to cloud computing. As you can imagine this big of a change produces many problems, people want to try to direct the changes to better suite their groups needs and beliefs, industry giants are in a frenzy trying to deal with said changes and the general computer using populace is completely oblivious to the dramas happening behind their monitors. One of these dramas is what I call the Codec Conundrum.



Teething Problems

Can’t we all just get along people?

There has been a lot of changes and transitions going on in the tech world as some of you may have noticed, so I would like to take a look at what’s going on and try to see past these issues to the future. Like with any change there will be what I call teething problems, change hurts as we humans are creatures of habit, we (or most of us) find out how the world works and we develope a habit or routine that allows us to go through most of life on auto pilot. This gives us a kind of peace as we don’t need to make a lot of decisions every day, naturally when things do inevitably change it hurts until we get used to the new, like cruising at mach 2 in a fighter jet then making a 9 G turn, the law of inertia hurts and crushes us until we catch up with the jet then we are fine. So in this series of post I plan to look at the major issues facing us in this transition and reassure people that we will eventually make it through and what’s going on now, as bad as it is, is actually natural.


Why I like FOSS

Today I would like to share with you a little bit about me and my interest so you may be able to better understand my positions on some hot tech topics. The first thing I want to share is my love of FOSS. First off let me start by explaining what “FOSS” is for those of you who don’t know. FOSS or Free and Open Source Software, is basically software that is freely created, shared and modified among it’s users and not owned exclusively by a company. Let me also say that while I am explaining why I like FOSS I don’t believe that FOSS is the end-all answer to all tech problems. That being said lets move on to why I like it.


IPAD vs. Chrome OS, Fight!

Round One!

I was originally going to write this at one go, but as I wrote it became apparent that it would be much longer than I originally thought. So I am breaking it up into multiple parts that are a little bit easier to chew. In this part I am going to address the complaints from the geek community about the iPad. Unless you were hiding under a rock for the past week, you might have heard that Apple has unleashed it’s mythic tablet computer onto the world. I say mythic because, like the iPhone, this product has been predicted for several years (10 to be exact). Most of us geeks new about this months in advanced, though we didn’t have many details (Apple actually did a pretty good job keeping us in the dark, no small feat mind you.) These rumors caused many of the other PC makers out there to get in the game early and announce their own tablet devices at CES 2010 two weeks ago. But at the beginning of the event Steve Jobs, with a snub, made it clear that he doesn’t think too highly of the very popular (read: Extremely popular-almost-killed-off-desktops-and-laptops) netbook class of computers. While I do agree netbooks could be a lot better than they are now, I think netbooks (or their new form-factor coming this year: smartbooks) still have a place, and they will find that place when Google finally launches Chrome OS.


Tech for the funny bone.

I found a funny comic that I would like to share.


Enjoy, also in my next post I will present a theory as to why the Google CEO said what he said about privacy and miscreants. I am not necessarily saying that he is right or wrong in saying what he did, but I want to attempt to understand why instead of just being mad at him and like a Linux fan-boy post all kinds of flame comments and post. Again this is just a theory, I have not communicated with him in any way, shape or form.

See ya next time,

Joshua Powers

Greetings Ya’ll!

Hello and welcome to my tech-blog, I have created this blog in order to share my passion for technology with others and to offer opinions and insights to our constantly changing tech world. First I would like to share a little about myself. I am a geek but I am a geek who would rather like technology to just work rather than have to tweak and monkey with it just to do basic stuff. Anywho my favorite part of technology right now is this exciting and emerging area of cloud computing, love it or hate it cloud computing is already here and is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. I will explain in my next post the pros and cons of this concept. And that is how I will present most of my post because I am a computer/technology consultant, I don’t force my opinions of tech on others, I give them the pros and cons and educate people about technology and let them make there own decisions. If someone ask me my opinion on tech I will give it along with a logically sound reason as to why I like  or dislike something. e.g. I don’t tell people GNU/Linux is an awesome OS just because it’s Linux, believe it or not Linux isn’t good for everything. Which also brings up what I am a fan of in tech. I am not a fan of Microsoft or Linux or Mac or anything, I am a fan of what ever works in any one point in the space time continuum. For example if I am building a new PC and it comes time to choose an operating system, I need to ask my self what will work for this PC. If I am building it to play PC games well then I choose windows 7, I wouldn’t choose Ubuntu because even though it is a very good Linux distro, I don’t want to spend hours configuring wine or crossover in order to play a game I just paid $60 for, I want a system where I can just play my games. Also as a tech consultant I spend a good amount of time working with “normal” computer users, you know the ones who don’t know what a web browser is even though it’s pretty much the only app they use, the ones who when they run out of hard drive space start deleting system files just because they don’t recognize them, yeah those users. Anywho since I work with them I have a better idea on what they can and can’t do, what they want or need in a computer, etc. I have heard many reviews by geeks (technically inclined if you don’t like the “geek” term) on some new technology aimed at the average joe computer user and they bash is because it’s not what they would want. Well duh, of course it’s not what you would want it’s not aimed at you. I will be discussing come examples in upcoming posts. Well that’s all for now, I hope you’ll stick around and follow my blog.

See Ya,

Joshua Powers